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Ten Things All Women Over50 need to Know


  1. It’s a blessing and privilege to make it this far. Be grateful, the alternative isn’t very appealing.


  1. Only you can make you happy. Others can amplify it but you have to know and do what makes you happy.


  1. You are beautiful the way you are. We all have flaws stop focusing on them and enjoy the beautiful parts that make up you.


  1. You don’t always have to agree with your loved ones.


  1. It’s okay to say No. An explanation is not required.


  1. Share your passions unapologetically.


  1. Give yourself permission to stand out if you want to. Stop waiting and do it Now! Tomorrow is not guaranteed.


  1. Regret is painful to experience. Go ahead and take steps to achieve your dreams and desires.


  1. You always have a choice. Make a choice or someone else will make it for you.


  1. 20 years ago was the best time to plant a tree. Now is the next best time to plant a tree. You may have neglected taking care of you in the past. Right now is the next time to start taking care of you. Now is today.

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