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The Crosswalk Decision

It’s easy to get into habit of letting others make decisions for you. Sometimes we don’t even realize it’s happening. That happened to me.

I normally go walking on the trail close to where I live. Earlier this morning, I drove to the trail. I parked my car across the street from the trail entrance and noticed it started to rain. I contemplated going back home since it was raining. An inner dialogue began in my brain for about 5 minutes.

I finally decided that I would go walking even though it was raining because I wanted to honor the commitment I had made to myself (walking was on my schedule). So I put on a very unflattering rain cap to cover my hair and went walking on the trail. On the way back I crossed the main street when the light flashed the pedestrian sign. I then stood at the corner of the smaller road that had no traffic light but it had a crosswalk (zebra crossing for those in the UK). A crosswalk means that you have the right of way, however I normally just wait for the cars to pass.

It was raining and I had no intention of getting wetter than I already was.  I saw a car coming and I put it out my hand indicating to him to stop, so I could cross while also pointing to the crosswalk. He stopped however he had to make an effort to stop as he was going fast. I’m so sure he would not have stopped if I hadn’t instructed him to do so. I waited for him to a come to a complete stop and then I crossed the street.

You have a choice.

I thought about the numerous occasions when I had waited for the cars to pass and sometimes there were a lot of cars. It made me think of the many ways we wait for people to give us permission to do what we want. Forgetting that we can grant ourselves permission to do and get what we want. You might be waiting for a long time for that permission slip to be granted.

What do you truly want but are waiting for someone to give you permission to do ? Are you waiting for a spouse, a child, friend, parent etc to give you permission?

What do you truly want but waiting for an event to give you permission to do? Are you waiting for the kids to get older, Covid-19 restrictions to ease a bit, kids go to college etc to give you permission?

The absolute truth is you can give yourself permission to do it. You really can. All you have to do is to decide you want to do it and take steps towards it.

Just like I was waiting at the street corner waiting for people to let me cross the road I had the power to tell them to stop and for lack of a better word demand for them to stop so I could cross the road. What are you waiting for?

Just close your eyes for a quick minute and think about how much more joyful and exciting your life could be if you took that step to

Apply for the job you really want
Write the book that’s been inside of you for years
Start the business you think about late at night
Take the trip that you’ve been dreaming about
Relocate to the new city or country you’ve thought about for years
Invest in your health
Follow your dreams whatever it is

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