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The Dream – Settle or Go for It


You created the dream. The dream is buried underneath so many layers.  Motherhood, family and work have covered your dreams almost to the point of suffocation.

Will my dreams survive? A question you ask yourself.  You find yourself in midlife with dreams yet to be realized.

You’ve checked the so-called societal boxes, however the emptiness inside is hard to describe.  Society describes you as old aka no longer productive,  but deep down you know you still have more to give.

Your’re in Midlife and you’re on a different path and so are your dreams and goals. The goals and dreams might seem crazy to those looking in from the outside but the joy you feel about your dreams touches every part of your being.

You want to move forward but not sure how.

It could be about a relationship

It could be a business venture

It could be a career move

It could be an exciting adventure

It could be to lose weight

It could be to stop overdrinking

It could be one of these, a combination of these or something completely different.

Whatever it is I GOT YOU.

I GOT YOU doesn’t mean just showing you how to move forward, most family and friends can do that.

I GOT YOU is not a friend or family member supporting you when they can.

I GOT YOU in land means standing WITH and FOR you.

This means that when the obstacles come up (they definitely will come up) and you want to quit because it has become challenging I will help you manage your mind to overcome the challenges.

It means reminding you of the cost to you by not doing the work.

It means fighting for you when you when you are ready to quit on yourself even if it means telling you what you need to hear over what you want to hear .

It means sharing with you the compounding effect for many years to come by achieving your goal and the benefit of your contribution.

Now is the time to get started with Flourish. Flourish is a program to get you going on your individual journey with me guiding you along the way.

You are up against the hour glass. The clock is winding down.

Are you going to settle or go for it? If you’d like to learn more about Flourish click HERE to send an email or type in to send it manually.

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