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True Hunger Interrupts Everything


I’m going to talk today about  how “Hunger Interrupts Everything” and not just hunger but true hunger.

I want to share a quick story with you. On Sunday, my older son had a soccer game. We went to the game, finished, and we got into the car. My older son said “Mom, I’m hungry, can we get something to eat?” and I said, “Well, you know we’ll be home soon.” He said, “How long?” and I said “40 minutes.” Oh my word! It was like I had said we were driving 3 hours away. He started moaning and groaning at how he was starving. I said “Well, okay, I have a banana, would you like that?” He said “No.” That told me right there and then that it was not true hunger.

Anyway, on the way home, they kept asking and I said “No, we are going to get home first”. We got home and the Manchester United versus Chelsea game was on. For those that don’t know, Manchester United and Chelsea are teams in the British Premier Football League and the coach of Manchester United, José Mourinho used to be the coach for Chelsea so this was a game that a lot of people were looking forward to watching so we got home and my son quickly switchted on the tv and started watching the game. I kept looking at him like and thought to myself “Hmmm … this was the child that told me he was hungry”, right? And I didn’t see him getting up to heat up any food or get something to eat.

I said “Aren’t you hungry?” and he said he is. I told him “You weren’t really hungry. If you were hungry, as soon as you set foot in the house you would have proceeded to get somethingto eatm  but because you are enjoying this game (he is a Chelsea fan by the way), you’ve decided you are going to focus on that but you could only focus on something like that if you are not truly hungry because true hunger interrupts everything.”  The symptoms come at you like a freight train, the headache, the stomach starts growling ignoring your location. There are certain signals that our body sends to us when we are experiencing true hunger. Sometimes we ignore it, sometimes we listen, sometimes we listen but we don’t act on it. So I told my son “You weren’t really hungry.” He smiled. I said, “No, you couldn’t have been!”

I want to teach more women how to recognize their hunger signals because there is a very big difference between eating because of how you feel (emotion) and true hunger.  In other words, you are eating because of an emotional feeling that you have as opposed to a true hunger signal.

For me, once women begin to learn how to recognize this signal, it is a game changer. I really believe that it is the foundation for living a healthy lifestyle. We all know that eating, your nutrition is really very important; way more important than your exercise. You can move from today to tomorrow but if you don’t take a look at what you are eating, you are gonna face a losing battle.

The Pre-Holiday Detox (PHD) program teaches that and more. I launched this program 3 years ago and offer it just before the holidays because the holidays tend to be that time of the year when more people eat out of emotion. The PHD program is like no other detox, it shows you how to recognize your hunger signals and also how to create a healthy relationship with food where food no longer has the upper hand.

The thing I love about this program is there is no hunger involved; there is no starvation. You can eat whenever you are hungry because I teach you how to recognize and understand your hunger signals. It is simply, eating the way you are supposed to where majority of time you are eating in response to your hunger signals.

I look forward to you joining me.  Click here to join. It is a global program that lasts for 21 days and you will learn a lot from it. Let me know should you have any question about the Pre-Holiday Detox Program otherwise known as the PHD program.  I look forward to hearing from you soon!

To your vibrant health!


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