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Should You Try the 5:2 Diet?

You can find fad diets everywhere—especially in magazines and across the Internet. It often seems like a new nutrition plan is sweeping the nation every time you turn on your Web browser. The latest diet I have become aware of is called the “5:2 Diet.” It’s pretty simple to follow.

According to the diet’s rules, you eat for five days and then “fast” for two days. This means you can eat whatever you want five days a week. On the other two days, the diet allows you to consume limited calories. Women can consume 500 while men can have 600. You can eat all your “fasting” calories in one sitting, split them between breakfast and dinner, or have small snacks throughout the day along with lots of water, green tea and black coffee. The only other rule is that you don’t fast two days in a row.

What does science have to say about it? Studies on this type of diet refer to it as “intermittent” fasting. Some researchers conclude that such a program can protect your heart, reduce your cancer risks, help you lose weight, and even keep you feeling and looking younger longer. They say that the act of fasting reprograms your metabolism and makes your body break down more stored fat for fuel.

Whether or not the metabolism part is true, it’s likely you could lose weight on the 5:2 diet—if you were able to stick with it. That’s one of the major downfalls of most fads. Yes, you’re eating fewer calories overall, but only as long as you can maintain the program. All it takes is a stressful week, a business lunch, or a holiday gathering to throw you off your path.

At, we encourage our clients to say no to fad diets and yes to sensible healthy meals. You can lose weight by making smart choices (like nutritious whole foods), watching your portions, eating smaller meals frequently, and adding exercise to your daily routine. You don’t need to starve yourself twice a week to move the numbers on the scale. I believe the process should be enjoyable albeit challenging. Starving is not an enjoyable process.

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