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The Weight Keeps Coming Back Part 1

Clients come to me all the time saying “I went on a diet, the weight came off but months later the weight came back and now I weight more than I did before the diet”. When clients come to me and speak in that defeated tone I know so well, I ask them this question, “Why do you want to lose weight?”. I normally get a pause or the question “What do you mean?”. When I do get a response it ranges from “I just want to lose weight” to “my doctor told me I need to lose weight”.

These and all the other numerous answers I get are valid reasons but may not be the real reason you want to lose weight. What is the real reason, deep down in your heart that is prompting you to lose weight? The reason that only you know, and may not want to share with your spouse or best friend. This deep-rooted reason is the catalyst that will propel you forward to success. The same reason that will encourage you to keep on going on the days that you are tempted to overeat and your mind is telling you to go ahead and go for your second or third helping even though the cute outfit your wearing is beginning to feel a little snug.

There is always a reason behind the things you do and losing weight is no different. Think hard about the real reason and write it down. It can be scary to write it down but I would like to encourage you to go ahead and make an effort to put it down on paper. Writing it down gives it life. It make the weight loss journey ahead of you real, roots will begin to grown and then become firmly planted in your mind. You begin to get excited, albeit scared that you are about to start something that will provide you with immense joy amongst other things. It is important to note that if you are doing this for a reason outside of yourself, it is difficult, maybe even impossible to derive pleasure from the outcome if the reason is not connected to you fully or at least in some way.

Losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle, which is what you will have to adopt to maintain,  should not be a process filled with pain, struggle and bouts of a love-hate relationship with your body. It can and should be a peaceful and stress-free journey. A great way to begin the journey is to write down the real reason why you want to lose weight.


As a Certified Weight Coach to successful women I believe it is important to begin the weight loss journey in the mind and work your way to the outside (food and exercise). I have found this to be a sustainable method for my clients as well as a stress-free method that provides long-term results.

I will be focusing on the different steps that I take with my clients over the next few weeks. Are you a subscriber? If yes you don’t want to miss the next few weeks as I share more about the steps I take with my clients. If you are not a subscriber, what are you waiting for? Fill in the form below and subscribe now so that you can have my blog delivered directly into your inbox.



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