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What happened in Bali didn’t stay in Bali

Last month I was in Bali with a group of women. 8 women in a private villa for 7 days. I knew all the women in the group and one of the participants knew 2 people in the group and that was it. They were all strangers expected to live together for a week. Narrating it know I feel like it’s an episode of a reality show. I prayed before embarking on this trip. I prayed for the women, their safety and for wisdom on my part as I facilitated the retreat.

I had never been to Bali as it was a new destination for me, I was met at the airport by the amazing Nancy who was my Tour Guide/Interpreter/All-things-Bali resource all rolled into one. As  usual I arrived a day early to get a feel for the villa, the staff and all the little details that can make or break an amazing experience.  I spent most of the day working with the staff and finalizing details for the arrival of the guests the next day.

During the introductory dinner,  I shared my expectations for them which was nothing other than allowing themselves to be open to the experience however it unfolds.   I let them know they were in a safe place free of judgment and that the guiding principle for all my retreats is to allow each person to be seen, heard and valued in their own unique way. This is from a quote by Brene Brown, where she states, we all want to be seen, heard and valued. The difficulty can sometimes be figuring out how each person wants to be seen, heard and valued. I also challenged them to write down their own expectations for the retreat.

During dinner on the first night while eating I had my assistant drop of pink packages filled with gifts for the guests in their rooms. Surprising my retreaters is so much fun. Each pink package contained a beautiful sarong, a fan handmade in Bali, soap (natural and cruelty free) from on of our amazing sponsors, Pampered Soap, Full Leaf Tea from another fabulous sponsor, Paromi, a Simply Vibrant Life Journal and flameless candles from an amazing sponsor,  Vont. I anticipated the looks on their faces as they went into their various rooms to find pink packages filled with goodies on their beds, it filled me with delight. Each gift carefully selected to fit the mindfulness theme of the retreat.

Something unexpected and magical happened over the next 7 days.. The mask of caution fell off their faces almost immediately and the interactions amongst the women began.  The genuine interest in one another was a joy to see. I felt so fortunate and I was filled with pure gratitude to have a front row seat to witness all of this. Letting go of the mask is a pre-requisite in getting to know the true you that might be buried under so many layers. Some of you reading this have been looking in the mirror these last few years and do not recognize the image staring back at you.

Each day started off with coaching right after breakfast, personal time was in the afternoon while evenings were dedicated to adventures. This was a retreat that had pleasure and self-growth on a backdrop of luxury as a priority.  I wanted my retreat to have a Learn and Lounge vibe while priming the retreaters for the transformation ahead.

I expected some type of transformation for the women but was taken aback by their takeaways from the retreat. When women are given a safe free of judgement and are supported magical things happen. Growth happens in ways you can’t even imagine. As I recall the final day of the retreat, my hearts starts racing as I remember the tears, joy and laughter as each person took turns to describe what they experienced personally during the retreat. I shared a few words that night and realized I had been transformed in a way that I could not have imagined.  I couldn’t have envisioned this back then but the ladies and myself are still reaping the benefits of our time in Bali. I’m so glad that what happened in Bali didn’t stay there. Two mini get-togethers have already taken place amongst us with a fun girls trip planned for the Fall.

The Support amongst these women is remarkable to watch and to think that prior to June 6th most didn’t know each other. I’m so glad that what happened in Bali didn’t stay there. I know you might be reading this and thinking I would like to be part of a group like this. Consider attending one of my retreats. Marrakech is in September with some slots still left.

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