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Your Body Talks To You All The Time. Are You Listening?

Your body has infinite wisdom that it shares with you all the time. It is up to you to pay attention to it. You might be listening and acting on it or listening and ignoring or not even listening to it.

Your body knows what works for you and what doesn’t. You can read the information on the internet and listen to experts like myself. However the bottom line is you have to listen to your body. Your body knows best.

When you begin to actively pay attention to your body’s signals and act on it in a positive way that is when the magic happens. Cultivating an intimate relationship with your body is one of my goals for you. Once you begin that relationship that is based on a two-way communication it allows you to be true to you and in alignment with what works for you and what doesn’t regardless of what anyone else tells you or what you read.

I might recommend that you eat Brussels sprouts which is considered a healthy item, however if you eat it and you feel bloated and uncomfortable that is your body telling you that it doesn’t work for you and I want you to listen and stop eating it right away.

During this holiday season take the time to listen to your body in an active way so that you can develop a close and intimate relationship.

Listen to your body. It knows you well and knows what’s best for you.



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