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5 Tips You Can Start Now to Lose Weight in Midlife

  1. Eat only when you are physically hungry even if that means eating only 2 meals a day. Don’t eat out of habit. Skip breakfast if you are not hungry. When you eat when you’re not hungry you are overeating. Listen to your hunger signals.
  2. When you do eat, stop just before you get full. If you’re full, you’ve eaten more than your body need for fuel and the rest will be converted to fat. I tell my clients that if they are able to do jumping jacks after they eat then they have eaten the amount needed by the body for fuel.
  3. Weigh yourself daily. I know some of you might be rolling your eyes on this especially those of you that might have a love/hate relationship  with it. Getting a baseline is important. I weigh myself daily and this helped me when the pounds started to increase. Look at the number as neutral and do not attach any emotion to it. This number will  provide you with feedback, depending on the number you might keep on doing or tweak your meal plan.
  4. Stop the snacking. Snacking encourages overeating and mindless eating. Mindfulness while eating allows you to be present while eating so that you can be aware of the food that you’re eating. Years ago eating patterns were built around 3 meals. Snacks are now encouraged and most times eaten when we are not even hungry. A popular snack at the movie theatre is popcorn. Most people purchase popcorn even if they just ate dinner. When you eat when you are not hungry you are overeating, overeating will cause weigh gain.
  5. As you age the body requires less food and you add a slowing metabolism to the mix and that’s a sure recipe for weight gain. You might be doing your normal routine that served you well in the past but noticed the pounds creeping up. You have to make adjustments to your diet to prevent weight gain.

Midlife is nature’s wakeup call letting you know it’s time to start taking care of you.  Pay attention and take steps to take care of you.

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  1. Martha

    Very informative & empowering. Thank you.

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