Miracles for Mirabel

A child should be free to feel and be like a child and not feel scared and violated by those that are in a trusted position of care. A child should not be stripped of their innocence due to sexaul abuse. Children younger than a year old are being sexually abused and I can make a difference with your help.

Photographs from Kwavithon 5K 2016


The Mirabel Center provides holistic and high quality medical and psychosocial services to survivors of sexual assault and rape. The majority of the people coming through their doors at the Center are younger than 14 years of age with some even less than a year old. I want to make a difference but I can’t do this alone. Last year I was able to help raise 2 million naira (about $5,000) and this year my goal is to raise at least $10,000 dollars which would amount to 4 million naira (double the amount from last year). The Center needs our help to survive and are providing a much needed service.

Let’s create #MiraclesForMirabel together.

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