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100 Menopause Symptoms and counting

I have discovered over the last couple of years of doing research on menopause that there are so many symptoms related to Pause (aka menopause). Sometimes it can be almost scary when something begins to happen in your body and you are completely unaware that it could be related to Pause.

From adult acne to vaginal itching I’ve experienced quite a number of symptoms and maybe like you I did not make the correlation. I didn’t know while it was happening that it was related to Pause.


I’ve compiled a list of the top 100 menopausal symptoms. Take a look and see how many you have experienced or experiencing. I counted 19 for myseIf. I would love to know how many you counted for yourself. 


Click here to download the list of symptoms.

Remember awareness is key and allows you to make informed decisions.

To Your Vibrant Health!






P.S. Join us in the FB Community, Pause where we discuss all things menopause in a safe and private setting. Click here to join us!

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