Simply Vibrant Mini Session

Are you a wife and a busy mom with a demanding career and and your energy level is no longer what it used to be?

Are you eating healthy food but still not seeing the pounds shift?

You have been told by your doctor that you have to lose weight or else ….

Do you have one issue that you really need help with ? One issue that if resolved will make a huge impact on your health.

You were doing so well and all of a sudden life happens and you not have been able to get back into a healthy routine.

If this sounds like you or you answered yes to any of these then my Simply Vibrant Design mini session is for you. I created this program for you. During our session I will focus on one issue and get it resolved by providing a customized designed recommendation to recreate that healthy feeling. This issue when resolved will be a huge impact on your health. I look forward to working with you to create the body and vibrant feeling you deserve.

What you receive

  • Simply Vibrant Baseline form. This must be completed prior to the call.
  • 30 minute phone or skype session with me.
  • Simply Vibrant Healthy lifestyle Recommendation
  • Followup email

Your Investment: $127.00

Free Video

To access the video, simply complete the form below and you will be redirected to a page where you can download it.